Mozilla Plans to Market a $ 25 Smartphone for Emerging Markets

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Mozilla has shown a prototype smartphone that will cost $ 25 (about € 18) and is aimed at developing countries.

The company, best known for its Firefox browser, has partnered with low-cost processor manufacturer Spreadtrum in China.

Although it is not as powerful as the more expensive models, the device will allow you to run applications and use the Internet on your mobile.

The phone is aimed at the class of people who currently buy cheap feature phones, analysts said.

Feature phones are very popular in the developing world, halfway between “dumb” phones - which only allow voice calls and other basic functions - and full-fledged smartphones.

Mozilla hopes to gain an early advantage in a market in which all mobile device manufacturers are taking their interest, which see developing countries as the missing area for massive growth.

However, it will have to face competition from larger, more established brands; More announcements of this type are expected over the next two days at the Mobile World Congress fair in Barcelona.

“These solutions expand the global accessibility of Internet-free smartphones for first-time or low-end smartphone buyers by reducing the time and cost that mobile phone manufacturers need to bring these devices to market. ”Spreadtrum said in a press release.

According to Mozilla, this phone "redefines" the market for low-end phones.

The idea of ​​a cheap smartphone could appeal to consumers in developed countries, especially those who have signed long contracts to finance the cost of Apple's favorite iPhone and Samsung Galaxy ranges.

However, Kantar Worldpanel analyst Carolina Milanesi said this phone should not be viewed as competition.

According to her, Mozilla's phone doesn't really offer a smartphone experience, but rather a clunky smartphone that's a bit better than a feature phone, but still primarily intended for voice and text.

The phone runs on Mozilla's proprietary mobile operating system, something that could cause problems as competition in the cheap smartphone market intensifies, Milanesi added.

In addition to the $ 25 smartphone, Mozilla has also launched several high-end models, including devices from Huawei and ZTE.


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