The Osborne bull and Catalonia

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We read in the newspaper "El País" the news that Catalan radicals have shot down the last Osborne bull that remained in Catalonia. The objective, according to the author group, was to "clean" the mountain of Montserrat of the "Spanish horned filth".

The members of "La Bandera Negra" have also declared themselves willing to prevent the erection of more pictures of the fighting bull of Osborne in Catalan territory. "Each time a Spanish symbol is raised, it will be unceremoniously shot down by the Catalan patriots as a sign of our irreducible will to defend our national rights at all costs."

Catalonia and Spain: Spain and Catalonia

Catalan symbols are respected in Spain. The same does not usually happen with Spanish symbols. Some think that Spain has a problem in the Basque Country and Catalonia that is difficult to solve. Although in reality, more and more analysts from outside Spain think that Catalonia and the Basque Country have the problem, increasingly isolated in their nationalism and within a climate that is not conducive to attracting business and developing the climate of permissiveness and coexistence demanded by growing globalization.

The right counterweight to globalization is undoubtedly the defense of the indigenous cultural values ​​of each place, however small it may be. But radicalisms that try to fall into cultural sectarianism are badly arranged. Catalan modernity, Barcelona as a great European city, would lack important signs of identity if some of the cultural components that are its own and in which Spain participates were disappeared.

A few years ago we criticized the boycott of cava, today the radicals ignite the Catalan phobia in the symbol not of something Spanish, but of a brandy brother from another Spanish community (poorer) who also struggled to break through the predominance of champagnes and cognacs .

What a pity!

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