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France, a neighboring country, is a great unknown for many Spaniards.

Despite its geographical proximity, many of us still do not know the most attractive cities and regions for tourists. Paris, cathedrals, beaches, gastronomy ...

Traveling to France is discovering a world of infinite potential and attractions.


One of the most beautiful cities in the world. By itself this city would attract the attention of a demanding tourist for months. Not counting modern events like Disney -Paris or similar. Here are my six must-sees on a visit to Paris: Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Center Pompidou, Cite des Sciences at de l'Industrie (City of science and industry), Musée d'Orsay and the Arc de Triomphe. Of course, Paris is huge and deserves much more attention, but France is more than just Paris. Many forget it and leave behind a vast country in its diversity and surprising with its 64 million inhabitants and 675 417 km². Our first tip: get to know France as well as Paris. In any case, if you insist on spending a long time in Paris (it's worth it), be sure to consult our guide to cheap hotels in Paris. See also, European cities: 10 free things to do in Paris.

France and its cathedrals

Obviously the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral occupies a priority place. But be sure to check out the rest of our list as well: Strasbourg cathedral, with its magnificent facade, of radiant Gothic; the curious Nice Russian Orthodox Cathedral, dedicated to Saint Nicholas, seems to have a typical 17th century aesthetic, however, the construction of the cathedral began at the beginning of the 20th century: the very old Notre Dame de Rodez; breaking molds: the Basilica of Lourdes and the cathedral of Chartres Begun in the 11th century, it prevails among other French cathedrals for its good state of preservation, especially that of the sculptures and stained glass windows.

French roads and driving with your own vehicle

The French motorway network is excellent and allows, generally to cross the country comfortably or to access the main sites and cities of tourist interest. Current speed limits on motorways are usually around 130 km / hour (with rain 110 km / hour); Even if on many highways the limit is reduced to 100 km / hour. Some warnings are helpful for drivers:

  • There is a speed monitoring system through numerous radar cameras arranged on main and secondary roads. Generally, most vehicles respect the speed limits.
  • France is the country of ring roads and roundabouts as distributors of confluent traffic of various routes. It is convenient to prepare and prepare to be able to circulate efficiently through them.
  • There are toll roads and free access roads. To this it must be noted that gasoline is much more expensive than in Spain (especially diesel); It is advisable to fill the tank in Spain at the last gas station that can be accessed before the border.
  • The highways and highways have numerous, excellent and very attractive rest areas with endowments of various services. These areas invite you to rest frequently and comfortably and make driving long distances more bearable (they are widely signposted indicating "Aire de ..."
  • A useful address for prices and other questions: autoroutes - France.

French gastronomy

France it has many typical dishes that we can't get lost. Among the best known and famous are: Ratatouille (mixture of vegetables: garlic, aubergine, zucchini, tomato, pepper and Provencal herbs), quiche Lorraine (cheesecake, bacon and ham), Tarte Tatin (of caramelized apples, one of the best known sweet cakes), Cassoulet (white bean stew with meat and sausages), Raclette (It is a special machine for melting cheese originally from Switzerland but adopted by the French. The melted cheese is eaten with cold cuts and potatoes), Onion soup (made with pieces of bread, caramelized onion and meat broth), Foie gras (hypertrophied liver of an overfed duck or goose), Les cuisses de grenouilles (battered frog legs and seasoned with salt, butter and parsley) and many other traditional foods.

Exceptional hotels in France

The chateaux network. In France it is possible to enjoy exceptional accommodations, with a quality of services and a kitchen considered -both- one of the best in the world, The "Chateaux" distributed in castles, palaces, buildings of historical interest ... they are distributed throughout the geography of France. A luxury with a serious drawback: prices. A breakfast, a special room and dinner for two a night can approach a triple digit figure (in euros) in some of these Chateaux. We have reviewed some of these chateaux:

  • A romantic chateau (Château de Castel- Novel)
  • The best of the romantic places in France (Chateau de Locguénolé)
  • A chateau near Spain (Château de Riell)
  • A chateau on the Loire (Château de Noirieux)
  • A hotel in Mirepoix(Hotel Relais Royal)
  • The Relais & Chateaux Guide

Beaches and the sea in France

Although Spaniards do not usually go to France thinking about the sea, or the beaches, there are delicious places to see and enjoy. These are our recommended sites:

-Saint-Jean de Luz (San Juan de la Luz), a few minutes from Spain and close to the Pyrenees. (Google maps San Juan de la Luz)

-Villefranche sur Mer, near Nice, quiet for sunbathing (Google maps- Villefranche sur Mer).

-La Grande Motte, a short distance from Languedoc, walks, water sports ... (Google Maps - La Grande Motte).

Cap Ferret, wonderful peninsula, near Bordeaux with two beaches one to the west (Atlantic) and the other to the bay (Google Maps - Cap Ferret).

-Sete. Attractive fishing village with beaches facing the sea and the lagoon (Google Maps - Sete)

-Argeles sur Mer, near Perpignan, also close to Spain in a relaxing environment and a long stretch of beach on the Cote Vermeille (Google Maps - Argeles sur Mer).

Nature, campsites: the Loire

France has very different spaces, which makes the country attractive as a whole. It is a wonderful country to do camping between really incredible places and enabled to access with amenities within a natural environment. Special mention must be made of the Loire (Loire) of exultant beauty.

See Loire Valley, with reference to its castles and gardens.
See: The best campsites in France

France as a place of passage

Traveling to France as a unique destination is exceedingly interesting, but it is also true it becomes an attractive point of passage to northern Europe or to the United Kingdom via ferry. The combinations via ferries between England and France with very numerous and allow transporting the vehicle without problems. See for example: Travel to England through France. It is advisable to design and take advantage of tourism in really privileged areas of France.

Interesting shopping in France

Traveling in France is a unique opportunity to acquire a multitude of really interesting products. Starting with the exceptional cheeses and wines, champagnes, and continuing with a multitude of regional and artisan products. On many of the local roads there are regional houses where it is possible to discover and buy products typical of each area.


In general, prices are higher than in Spain in almost all aspects of consumption. To travel to France it is interesting to take advantage of offers and do it in low seasons.

Cheap flights to France

Cheap flight companies are not abundant in France (low cost). However, air France sometimes offers special rates and offers of cheap flights. Likewise, the main European low-cost companies have flights with France (Cheap flight companies in Europe).

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