11 ideas to decorate Halloween pumpkins

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A Halloween without a pumpkin is not a real Halloween. Luckily, October is the best time to find this vegetable in any supermarket and choose between different sizes. Once it has been chosen, the pumpkin is carved, illuminated and becomes an element for the decoration of the terrifying night of Halloween. This is a very fun activity to do with the little ones and here we show you the 11 ideas to decorate Halloween pumpkins this year.

11 ideas to decorate Halloween pumpkins

Here we give you several ideas to decorate your Halloween pumpkin or you can even think of your own design, with imagination you can do anything.

1. Decorate your pumpkin in a different way with the branch as a nose.

source: werowero.com

2. Decorate your pumpkin with this cute design and black paint.

source: fotosdecasasmodernas.com

3. Decorate your pumpkin with this original design, it will be the smartest of all.

source: pinterest.com

4. Decorate your pumpkin with this carnivorous design, ideal for this terrifying night.

source: 1000detalles1000ideas.com

5. Decorate your pumpkin with paintings imitating the funny dolls on TV "Epi and Blas".

source: decoideas.net

6. Decorate your pumpkin with big eyes and a stitched mouth, this design is very scary.

source: pinterest.com

7. Decorate your pumpkin with these cute black painted kittens with various pumpkins.

source: europapress.es

8. Decorate your pumpkin as if you were in Mexico, catrina pumpkin from the “day of the dead”.

source: werowero.com

9. Decorate your pumpkin with the design of the vomiting pumpkin, with the seeds and pulp inside.

source: werowero.com

10. Decorate your pumpkin with paint to make Minions, you can also do it with the anti-minions.

source: imagui.com

11. Decorate your pumpkin with an ingenious design, will it be sad or will it be scary?

source: imagespara.org

Which is your favorite? You have decided on one, I hope it has inspired you.

!!!Happy Halloween!!!

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